Block release training

Do you have to manage the selection of future alternating students ? Not easy to organize yourself among all the documents? Simplify your task with the eMundus solution.

Main benefits of the solution : Block release training

The eMundus platform allows you to manage the admission of students in an easy way.

Working as a team to be more effective
Become more efficient

Be effective

Even if you are on various projects at the same time, become efficient with the eMundus platform that allows you to save time and organize everything for yourself. You just have to do your evaluation work !

Make a better selection

By gathering all the candidate files, using filters to see more clearly, working in a team, you will surely make a better selection and a much faster way.

Teamwork is possible on the eMundus platform
Work as a team
Take advantage of automation to be faster
Automated tasks

Automate tasks

No more wasting time manually checking all application files for completeness. Also take advantage of an automatic verification of official documents to see if they are admissible.

Useful features : Block release training

The functionalities of this solution are developed according to your needs.

Application Form

Customize your application form


Complete your contact list

Candidate portal

Provide access to students via a portal

Program Management

Promote your training programs

User management

Give different access depending on the users

Interview planning

Use the calendar for your interviews

Emails and letters

Generate emails and send emails simply


Evaluate each candidate's file


Select the best future students


Lead them to registration

Exporting files

Export files necessary for your administration


Measure your success based on reliable indicators





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